Thursday, December 07, 2006

Having a Hard Time Moving On ...

I want to start looking at the USC matchup. Hell, I'd even like to post some meaningful analysis on the basketball team's match tonight with Miami of Ohio. But I can't seem to stop reading and thinking about this whole BCS thing.

I'm giving myself a firm deadline of December 11 to move on.

After December 11, I will focus on USC, the bowl practices, the recruiting home stretch, and where Michigan football is headed in the near and not so near future. Lord knows there's plenty to talk about - USC is a good football team playing in its back yard, signing day is right around the corner, and there are some underclassmen who will almost certainly be moving on. We'll get back to that soon. I'm committed.

Now excuse me while I go paste some Florida fans on the Rivals' free boards.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Apoligizing ...

I gotta be honest, I went back and read this. Admittedly, it's a challenge due to the fact that mostly it is a stream of consciousness. Still, it demonstrates a lot about who I am. So I won't change it, and hope you understand. ....

It was bad enough that the bulk of the visible world smoked Florida's manhood, and convinced voters who were otherwise unconvinceable for 7 weeks to change their vote. That's TV, that's media, that is what football has become. I reluctantly accepted it, via having it shoved down my gasping throat. I lived in that moment. I watched a great team, and a good man get totally fucked in every way imaginable. I saw the second best team in the country get surpassed by a masterful national campaign. I wasn't surprised. But aggregiously, I also watched TV show after TV show take LC's interview out of context and paint him to be a bad guy. Fucking ridiculous. The man is the epitome of taking the high road and keeping one's trap shut, even when being fucked, and LC was repeatedly misquoted and villified. It is beyond making me sick. I was sick on Sunday afternoon. After seeing misquotes (half quotes, out of context) by LC, I was in tears. I literally wept. I lept for college football, where cheaters, profit mongerers and whores seem destined to prevail, but more importantly, I wept for LC.

What the fuck did he do? Not campaign? Entrust people? Refuse to get caught up?

Well, once again UM, and LC got punked.

No way around it. The whole country knows it. And to be honest, I am not mad at you who thought UF should be No.2 that piss me off - it's those of you, all hundreds of you who approached me Monday and said we got screwed, that piss me off.

WFT? How did the whole sports world conclude so easily that Florida was No. 2? Where the fuck were all of you? From Saturday evening until Monday morning all I heard were Florida supporters who constantly pointed out the fallicies of the Michigan ranking.

Then suddenly, once the matchup was set, everybody in the world wanted to talk about how Michigan got screwed. Well, thanks, and fuck you. Where were you on Saturday Night when Danielson was making retarded comparisons (that I challenge each of you to .... well, challenge). Where were you when people were admittedly fucking the system to bring about the game they thought they wanted to see?

That's bullshit. So don't tell me how sorry you are for me. Don't pretend that Michigan got screwed and that you care. For the world has spoken. TV has spoken. And it doesn't matter who are the best two teams in the country. It just doesn't matter.


In every measurable comparison, we own you. Simply, fuck you.