Thursday, November 16, 2006

You Want Hyperbole? You Want Rah Rah? I'll Give You Hyperbole and Rah Rah.

I find I am unable to stretch my mind enough to fully comprehend the enormity of what is about to take place.

A Michigan football team, led by a maligned coach, has furiously surged back from edge of irrelevance. On September 16, 2006, we announced to the rest of the college football world that we would no longer tolerate their disrespect. We went into one of the more storied atmospheres in the game and had our way. We feasted until our bellies were full, and took our sweet time digesting the spoils, all under the watchful eye of Touchdown Jesus. We did it after their self-proclaimed genius coach had spent the off-season telling our recruits that our staff was on its way out and that he had just signed a 10-year contract. We did it after he spent the night before lying about having done so, and telling the world that mighty Notre Dame would do their talking on Saturday. Well Charlie, who's talking now?

On November 18, 2006, this Michigan team will make an even stronger statement. As a touchdown underdog, they will go into the most hostile college football environment on the planet, against the undisputed number one team in the nation, and IMPOSE THEIR WILL. OSU and Tressel will pay. They will pay for running bogus stories about an arrest warrant on Ohio native Prescott Burgess, and embarrassing his family in the name of gamesmanship. They will pay for searching our players and equipment as we entered the stadium last time we were there, and then lying about until Schembechler outed them. They will pay for the words of their former players, who have described a well-respected senior member of our team as "worthless." They will pay for admitting that their QB accepted cash bribes, and then launching his Heisman campaign. And tears will flow like rivers throughout the state of Ohio as the stunned buckeye faithful experience a heartache so deep, their children's children will remember it.

We are hearing from our most trusted sources that this team is ready. Prepared, focused, confident and pissed. I truly believe that we have seen a weakness, and we have been preparing all year to exploit it. We will claw, scratch and fight for every inch, Cindarella Man style (That's for you LC.)./

Get ready for the greatest football Saturday of your lives.


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