Friday, November 17, 2006

When I Said Monumental Was Not a Big Enough Word ...

I had no idea that The Game could possibly take on any more meaning.

Well, as we know, suddenly it has. The greatest Michigan coach of the modern era, the coach who has defined Michigan football since the late 1960's, is no more. On the eve of the greatest Michigan/OSU game of all time, with the game of the century a mere day away, the great Bo Schembechler passed away.

Bo preceded me in Michigan history by a fair margin. Yet, I tell you without hesitation, his passing has crushed me. My heart aches. Bo Schembechler WAS Michigan football as I know it.

I can only imagine how his protege' Lloyd Carr must feel. Suddenly, an overwhelming challenge has just taken on a whole new level of suffocating pressure. How do you lose a guy who means so much to you, yet find a way to honor him properly in the face of this momentus game without winning?

Quite frankly, you can't. And while it's not fair, I can tell you, the only way that Michigan players and coaches can properly honor Bo is to beat Ohio State tomorrow. It's not fair, but it's what we've been dealt.

Let god be my witness, I believed we could do it before, and I believe we must do it now. I have no doubt we will.

God Bless and keep you Bo. Go Blue. That's all I have to say.


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