Thursday, November 30, 2006

Well, the heat is officially on

After rolling up a 7-0 record agaisnt the cupcakes of the schedule, Tommy Amaker's Michigan Wolverine basketball team went out and turned in a sloppy and uninspired loss in their first nationally televised game of the season. Injuries? Nope. In fact, N.C. State was hit by the injury bug when their best ballhander went down in the first half. The Wolfpack was down at that point and rallied from there to win. Undermanned? Nope. N.C. State reportedly was balling with only five scholarship players.

But we've been through all that already. I'm just going to be honest here. Our loss was bad enough but watching Ohio State trot out on the court last night with a bunch of underclassman and seeing that #1 next to their evil name made me want to take off my hat and puke in it. The OSU cheaters did not win, but they battled, battled the whole game in Chapel Hill, and that was revolting enough. As the Dude once said [in the Big Lebowski] "This aggression will not stand! Man!"

Tommy, you are unquestionably a good man, a caring mentor. But if this task is too much for you, we will just need to go in another direction. Things would be a lot easier if you had a brand new practice facility, I know. I also know that there are coaches out there from mid-majors taking teams into the dens of ranked opponents and coming away victorious. You do not have the advantages North Carolina or Kansas have, but these coaches do not have the advantages you have.

I don't want to hear any more excuses. Just get er done. That's it.


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