Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This is not the time for half measures.

You want to know who knows that as well as anybody? Somebody who has been there, risen to the challenge, brushed off a dirty buckeye who tried to take him out of the game by twisting his ankle under the pile, and run through the cocky Ohio State defense en route to a convincing win. I'm talking about former Michigan running back, Chris Perry.

If you're going to play in this Game, you better bring a lunch and a lantern because the bodies are flying all day and all night. Chris Perry brought his as a player. Now he's bringing it again as a celebrated alumnus. Here are some highlights from his interview today "Branch is going to knock the stuffing out of -- what's his name -- Troy Smith. You all set that [Heisman Trophy talk] up anyway. That's some BS to begin with." Here's some more goodies: "Tressel's been cheating. So, hey, we're going to keep it real. There ain't nothing else to say."

Do your part this week. This is not the time for insincere bullshit, like "Should be a great game. I'm looking forward to watching it. May the best team win." (Puking Sound!) Seriously, F that! If you're going to talk smack this week, TALK SMACK! Rarely do fans of a dominating undefeated team have an opportunity to lay some unexpected wood on two high profile opponents in one season. Cherish this. Do not shrink from the moment. Chris Perry didn't.

To finish off, Perry added a seemingly innocuous description of defensive personnel. "We've got a defense with Branch...We've got LaMarr Woodley, David Harris, Leon Hall. You want me to keep naming names?" In Apologist's Den vernacular, that translates into "They big. They fast. They mean. They nasty....And they fast."

We're coming for you Tressel. Fear this.


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