Monday, November 27, 2006

There Is No Justice In the World

None. OSU and slithering coach Jim Tressel win again. Admitted cheater Troy Smith clinches the Heisman. A great man dies and we are unable to honor his passing by pulling off the win in Columbus. And to top it all off, we will be denied a chance at redemption at a neutral site in no small part because the rest of America (particularly the voting coaches) does not want to see a rematch.

USC lost to Oregon State, eeked out a couple of other wins, beat Notre Dame by a lesser margin at home than we did in South Bend, yet VAULTS (not slips, mind you) past us seemingly into the BCS championship game.

Say what you want about USC deserving its shot (and granted, some of it will be true), but it sure seems like a hell of a penalty to impose upon the only 1 loss team whose downfall came by three points in the stadium of the undisputed number one team in the nation. Name any other team whose single loss should be regarded higher. It can't be done.

Yet, here we sit. Apparently, we had our shot, though of course, USC doesn't have to set a single foot into the lion's den they call Columbus to get theirs. Nope - they get to play a 42 minute flight from home at a neutral site, in what is likely to be perfect weather.

If I am wrong, and any justice remains in this world, UCLA will pull off the stunner, Florida will win the SEC championship, and we will move back into the championship game. That's right, Florida will win the SEC championship. Because if there truly is justice, then Urban Meyer's moaning, bitching, and myopic (yet, typical SEC) ass will continue his whine storm for several weeks before having his ass handed to him by USC in the Rose Bowl.

Now that would be justice.


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