Monday, November 06, 2006

Speaking of Focus, Who Will Be the Hero When We Beat OSU?

Good question. I'll be pondering this over the next 2 weeks. Today, I will start with the short list, which includes the worthless one, who is overdue, the dimunitive one, who is the heart and soul, or the beast, who can single handidly change this game with one well timed blow to a certain cheating QB. The likely Hero index goes from 1 to 10, with 10 being a 1997 Charles Woodson-like performance.

Breaston. Kirk Herbstreit tried to make it so by flapping his gums. But we all know, flapping gums rarely lead to extraordinary performances (unlesss, of course, when the guy doing the flapping is David Boston, and the guy doing the extraoridinary performing is Chuck Woodson). But then again, if you looked up the word "due" in the great sports dictionary, you'd see Steve Breaston scoring against a decent opponent when we really, really needed it. Nothing would make me happier than to see the senior break it off in the butts of his greatest crtics - the OSU faithful. Still, I need to see some clouds before I can predict lightning. Hero Index - 6.5.

Hart. Everyone who follows Michigan football knows two things for certain: (1) OSU sucks; and (2) Mike Hart will squeeze every bit of blood out of a rock. On one hand, the latter always makes Hart a candidate to be a hero in any given game. He will keep pushing, prodding and lunging for yards, and they will almost invariably pile up over the course of the game as he moves the chains and keeps the defense rested. On the other hand, with few exceptions, teams with pound it out attacks rarely make a living running the ball at OSU. Hero Index - 8.0.

Why is it that every time I see Lamar Woodley line up on the end, I can envision a QB being helped off the field? I don't expect him to get there every time, but when he does, I expect him to lay the wood. And lay the wood he does. Is there any question that Lamar can crush QB's? No. Is there any question OSU cannot win without Troy Smith? Probably not. Hero Index - 8.0.


Blogger markh100 said...

Breaston - He's peaking at the right time. The Northwestern game was a horrible aberration - blame it on freezing hands, a slippery football, and crazy wind.

Other than that, Breaston has played pretty well against Penn State, Iowa and Ball State. Against Iowa, Breaston made that key 64 yard return right when the team needed it. Last week, against Ball State, Breaston had 216 all-purpose yards, and it certainly looks like he has rediscovered that fifth gear he seemed to go missing earlier this season.

Call it poetic justice - Herbstreit is going eat his words when Breaston makes a key 60+ yard punt/kickoff return to set up the winning touchdown for the Wolverines, or takes a punt return to the house.

The anticipation is starting to kill me. Wake me up on the 18th :)

7:25 PM  
Blogger AD said...

Poetic justice, indeed. In so many ways - an injury-plagued senior, Herbstreit's comments, in front of OSU fans who have spent as much time knocking Breaston as they have hoisting Ginn. In the blink of an eye, a Breaston punt return TD leading to Michigan victory would right so many wrongs.

6:08 AM  

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