Friday, November 10, 2006

So, NOW Can We Talk About Which One Loss Team Will Play for the Title?

Thank you Louisville. We really enjoyed debating your merits for the past two weeks. It was a good exercise in remembering just how bullshit the whole BCS thing can be. Thank you also for not making it to the title game. No offense, I have nothing against you per se, but facing you is any traditional power's worst nightmare. If we beat you, then it's a big "so-what." If we lose, people laugh at us. I'm not saying it's right, but it is presently the way things happen to be. You are doing all that you can to change that, and beating the likes of Michigan or OSU on an up year would help tremendously in that regard. But before you can demand that day, you simply must beat the Rutgers' of the world.

After this weekend, the lot of one loss teams could narrow, as Arkansas travels to Knoxville, USC faces a stubborn Oregon squad, and Wake travels to sleeping traditional powerhouse FSU. The remaining one loss teams should be around another week to argue their right to play for it all in January.


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