Thursday, November 30, 2006

So, It Looks Like it Will Be LSU ...

A quick look at the Tigers.

LSU finished the season at 10-2, with losses at Auburn (7-3) and at Florida (23-10). Notable wins include at Tennessee (28-24) (where JaMarcus Russell may have made his signature comeback, leading the team to a TD in the waning moments in front of a sea of screaming rocky toppers) and at Arkansas (31-26) (where a kickoff return TD helped offset the bazillion rushing yards allowed to the SEC's top rushing offense).

Statistically, the Tigers rank out as follows.

Rushing Offense: 37th (159 YPG)
Passing Offense: 23rd (245 YPG)
Total Offense: 18th (404 YPG)
Scoring Offense: 11th (33 PPG)
Passing Efficiency: 6th (163.91)
Sacks Allowed: 30th (1.50 SPG)

Rushing Defense: 15th (93 YPG)
Pass Defense: 4th (145 YPG)
Pass Efficiency Defense: 3rd (92%)
Total Defense: 2nd (238 YPG)
Scoring Defense: 6th (12.5 PPG)
Sacks: 7th (3.25 SPG)
Tackles For Loss: 61st (5.58 TFLPG)

Net Punting: 100th (32.5 YPG)
Punt Returns: 57th (8.8 YPR)
Kickoff Returns: 47th (21 YPR)

Turnover Margin: 61st (0)

I am focusing entirely on LSU in an attempt to trickt the sports black cloud that seems to be following me these days into screwing me over by willing UCLA to victory over USC. I wonder if buying Rose Bowl tickets would do the the trick?


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