Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Potential OSU Hero: the Final Group

Previously identified potential heroes include:

Henne: 8.5
Manningham: 9.0
Harris: 8.0
Breaston: 6.5
Hart: 8.0
Woodley: 8.0

The final group are as follows:

Arrington: Biding his time, skirting possible personal issues last year that some hinted were unlawful, yet organic, AA emerged on the scene EXACTLY when we needed him, when MM went down. He was finally ready for the limelight, and seemed to be coming into his own before running into a new batch of trouble. Not benched, but almost certainly distracted, AA has been falling a tiny bit short of the mark in the past two games. Still, he has been the go-to guy in MM's absence, and has earned Chad' confidence in the process. Kind of makes you wonder what would happen if AA at his best, and MM at his best hit the field at the same time? Touchdowns, I predict. And lots of them. OSU lacks the big, physical and imposing corner to handle AA. If they spend too much time shitting themselves over MM's propensity to smoke OSU safeties, including the former blue chipper now known as Manningham's bitch (don't worry Jamarrio, you share that title with at LEAST one PSU DB), then Arrington could belly up to the buffet and gorge himself. 8.0

Reuben Riley: A known commodity at RG, Riley was forced to duty at RT when several underclass prospects failed to timely hit the mark. While we were all disappointed that he was unable to play his natural position at RG, we quickly learned upon his injury exactly why he was playing RT in the first place. Make no mistake, Reuben Riley is not going to score two TD's, or even record 3 pancake blocks at RT. But, if he can help stem the OSU DE and blitzing tide and give Henne time to choose between three very talented WR's, he could instantly become the game's MVP. Henne has been NFL-like precise when protected, not so much when not. Riley locking up the right side, ala Jake Long on the left, and suddenly moving the football a moderate 8 yards at a time gets dramatically easier. 7.0

Prescott Burgess. Let's just say you're sitting there, in the midst of a brutal physical and mental onslaught the likes of which the vast majority of us have never known. You study, practice, study, practice, study, kill a PSU QBU, study, cut your mohawk, bang one of a handful of hot chicks in the vicinity of south quad, study and practice. You'd be pretty worn out, right? Then, on top of that, what if you learned that a Columbus TV station was running your picture with a caption above it reading "ARREST WARRANT?" Think you might find a second wind? Think maybe it was time to kick a little jealous ohio ass? Definitely. The key here will be the ankle. If Burgess is healthy, he'll get a chance to take an emerging TE Rory Nichol out of the equation AND get the occasional shot on a running Troy Smith. Burgess' talent was widely doubted for 3 years. Not anymore. If he's healthy, he can be a difference maker. 7.5

Honorable Mention dark horses:

Leon Hall, who has the ability to shut down at least one OSU WR, pick a few passess, and force Smith to work the Trent side and middle of the field. If Smith refuses to take the obvious second choice, Hall could make him pay. Smith just strikes me as the kind of guy who throws caution to the wind in his final meaningful college game and tries to beat Hall. We'll see what happens, cheater. It's not as easy to get out of throwing an errant pass to Leon Hall as it is accepting cash and gifts from boosters. BTW, good luck with the Heistman you fraud.

Alan Branch, who has been dealing with double teams since day one. And why not, the guy is a man mountain of QB pain waiting to deliver a fatal blow. At 6' too much, 300 hundred too much, and a RB's agility, Branch always has the potential to take over the trenches. He may be the most unnoticed players on the D as of late, because he's occupying 500 pounds of offensive line, allowing David Harris and Prescott Burgess to clean-up with regularity. But don't let his punishing style put you to sleep. Keep an eye on the New Mexican jumbo athlete, because when he gets through and hits you, you don't get up.


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