Tuesday, November 07, 2006

OSU Hero: Part II

I recently rated the following candidates on the OSU Hero scale:

Breaston - 6.5.
Hart - 8.o.
Woodley - 8.0.

Here are the remaining candidates.

Have you ever felt like you got screwed for doing the right thing? Well, tonight, while watching election returns, minding my own business and doing no harm, I wrote three lengthy paragraphs on this subject, proofreading and feeling like I had conveyed my point. Then, trying to improve my previous blogging and better myself, I ran the stupid spell check (having noticed that my earlier posts had errors). The goddman program flashed my entire post and flushed it. Therefore, I give you my (RE)thoughts on the issue below (dammit!). I ask for your genorosity. Please recognize that the second time around is seldom as meaningful as the first.

Chad Henne. Somewhat surprisingly, if you ask OSU fans, and I have ad nauseum, you will find that most of them put the outcome of The Game squarely on Chad Henne's shoulders. Yet if you ask them to explain and dig deep enough, you will find that most of their expectations fall less on Chad's experience (who did NOT lose the previous contests), and more on the fact that he's not Troy Smith. In other words, they don't expect Chad to lose it, as much as they do not believe he can win it. Fair enough. But please remember fans, Chad has been battle tested. And as one who often wears pajamas bearing his likeness, I can comfortably predict that he will be spot on, and has every abilty to be the difference. 8.5.

Mario Manningham. From Ohio, super Mario has plenty of reason to want to torch the Buckeyes. He ran a little last week, though the one toss his way was overthrown. Yet, his ability might be the key to this game. Cheat a safety to his side to avoid the bomb, and we'll probe your midsection. Cheat a safety not, and we'll test you 1 one 1 on the side and downfield. It's your choice JT. That's what Mario brings to the table. Confer with your star recruit Jamario O'Neal and decide how to play it. My guess is you'll make him beat you. And he will. 9.0.

David Harris. Two weeks ago, I asked another "feverish" fan who his favorite player was on UM's defense. He responded, I would like to pick David Harris, but he's not that sexy defensivey. I grinned, cut his response in mid-stream, and offered, I'll take David Harris. He simply makes plays. Every play that comes his way, in fact. We both agreed that of all defensive players that we rely upon most, David Harris is the one that keeps emerging. At that time, I would not have truly guessed that DH could have surpassed Woodley, Branch or Hall as defensive MVP. Then he racked up the past 2 week's numbers, and all of the sudden it didn't seem that far-fetched. Put simply, he's big, he's fast, he's strong, he hits like a truck, and he's fast. Yeah, we said that already. 8.0.


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