Saturday, November 11, 2006

Monumental Is Not a Big Enough Word

In virtually every relevant poll ever taken, Michigan vs. Ohio State is the greatest rivalry in all of sports. It is known simply as The Game. And for good reason. Not only are these two teams traditional powerhouses in college football, they have played one another more than 1oo times. The hatred runs deep. Woody Hayes once ran out of gas on recruiting trip because he wouldn't buy gas in Michigan. Under Hayes, OSU dedicated an entire day of practice per week to preparing for Michigan - Michigan Monday, as it was known. OSU still hands out golden "pants" pieces of jewelry to symbolize victories over Michigan.

Yet, despite the history, the deep seeded rivalry, and the success of each club, NEVER have they met when they were ranked #1 and #2. Never. Moreover, in the storied history of college football (which is BTW, more than twice as old as pro football), no two teams from the same conference have ever been 11-0. Of course, you might say, teams play more games these days, and you'd be right. But still, last week, OSU and Michigan were both 10-0, and became the first teams to claim that record in the same conference in 71 years.

Make no mistake, this is the biggest Michigan vs. OSU game in our lifetimes. It is a rare opportunity for players from each team to carve their names in college football history.

I for one, cannot wait. My stomach has been doing somersaults for hours. Go Blue.


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