Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Just When I Was Starting to Recover, ESPN HAD to Televise That Basketball Nonsense

How humiliating was that? A team picked to finish dead last in the ACC, with 5 scholarship athletes, whipped our asses.

Amaker's teams all look the same. Can't shoot. Can't dissect a basic 2-3 or 2-1-2 zone. Can't deal with a double team. And most frustrating, can't hold onto the damn ball.

I don't call this the Apologist's Den for nothing. I have given the guy every opportunity. I defended him for years. It started to unravel for me last year in a game where Courtney Sims kept turning the ball over when the wing defender would drop down to the box for the double team, and Amaker had no answer. Nothing. People said, it's not Tommy's fault Courtney wouldn't kick it out to the open man. I say bullshit. It is Tommy's fault. Because if you're telling him to do it, and he's not doing it, then sit his ass on the bench. Because I can guarantee you that there are a half dozen students up at the IM building right now who could kick that ball out. Unrealistic, blah blah blah, but at least we won't look stupid when we lose, and keep doing the same stupid shit.

I'm through apologizing. I'm done. By all accounts, Amaker is a class guy and a good man, but I can see no possibility that he will ever be consistently successful as a major college basketball coach. It's one thing to be at an athletic disadvantage. It's another thing altogether to be sloppy, disorganized and consistently inconsistent. His days are numbered.


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