Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It's Only Tuesday ... But It's Not Too Early To Put It On The Line

Personally, I feel it brewing. I feel it coming together. I look around, look back, close my eyes and stop looking altogether, and it becomes painfully clear.

Michigan is destined to not only beat OSU on Saturday, but to do it in a historical fashion.

Think about it. I could go through the particulars (and no doubt, will in the near future), but those of you whose hearts beat maize and blue will already know - something extraordinary is brewing, and OSU happens to have the misfortune of being the villian in a predestined story of greatness.

We are in the middle of what will become the greatest week in Michigan football history. Cherish it. Smile knowinglingy in the face of those who would doubt it. Be patient, trust, and get ready for the greatest Saturday of your life.



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