Friday, November 10, 2006

I Love You Like Mary Loved Jesus ...

That pretty much says it all.

If you are reading this, then you no doubt understand the bond between the University of Michigan, and those that become part of it. It's bigger than us, bigger than life. Some of the greatest minds and spirits that have ever lived roamed Michigan's halls. Great philosophers, physicists, journalists, doctors, lawyers, presidents, actors (and yes, mad bombers). They have all (or at least, most of them) contributed to the legacy of one of the greatest public institutions that this country has ever known. Michigan, our Michigan, is commonly referred to as the Ivy League resident of the midwest. In fact, any self-respecting Michigan grad will tell you, Harvard is the Michigan of the East. You may ask, what is the difference between a Harvard student and a Michigan student? Well, the answer is, we are just as smart as you, we just don't feel the need to to profess it.

Despite the academic accolades, with engineering, medical and law programs (among others) lodged solidly among the nation's best, Michigan is best known for its prowess in a game it helped invent and develop - football. It is here, in the greatest of all sports, that Michigan truly separates itself from the pack. No top 10 academic institution can hold a candle to the maize and blue. Even Notre Dame, with all of its history and (deserved) spectacle, is second-fiddle to the mighty UM on athletic and academic fronts. Put simply, if you are a Michigan grad, and a Wolverine football fan, you can live your life without ever feeling the need to look up to, apologize to, or explain anything to anyone, including Notre Dame, who is a distant second in this regard.

That's a powerful thing. A mighty powerful thing. A thing that you can only understand if you have lived it. And by living it, I mean walking through America's streets with a maize and blue jacket blazing, a Michigan degree on your CV, and a satisfied and knowing look on your face (which BTW, is MUCH more recognizable in years like this where we're 10-0).

And for this, I love you Michigan. I love you like Mary loved Jesus. Go Blue. The final step in sweet, sweet redemption is 8 days away.


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