Thursday, December 07, 2006

Having a Hard Time Moving On ...

I want to start looking at the USC matchup. Hell, I'd even like to post some meaningful analysis on the basketball team's match tonight with Miami of Ohio. But I can't seem to stop reading and thinking about this whole BCS thing.

I'm giving myself a firm deadline of December 11 to move on.

After December 11, I will focus on USC, the bowl practices, the recruiting home stretch, and where Michigan football is headed in the near and not so near future. Lord knows there's plenty to talk about - USC is a good football team playing in its back yard, signing day is right around the corner, and there are some underclassmen who will almost certainly be moving on. We'll get back to that soon. I'm committed.

Now excuse me while I go paste some Florida fans on the Rivals' free boards.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Apoligizing ...

I gotta be honest, I went back and read this. Admittedly, it's a challenge due to the fact that mostly it is a stream of consciousness. Still, it demonstrates a lot about who I am. So I won't change it, and hope you understand. ....

It was bad enough that the bulk of the visible world smoked Florida's manhood, and convinced voters who were otherwise unconvinceable for 7 weeks to change their vote. That's TV, that's media, that is what football has become. I reluctantly accepted it, via having it shoved down my gasping throat. I lived in that moment. I watched a great team, and a good man get totally fucked in every way imaginable. I saw the second best team in the country get surpassed by a masterful national campaign. I wasn't surprised. But aggregiously, I also watched TV show after TV show take LC's interview out of context and paint him to be a bad guy. Fucking ridiculous. The man is the epitome of taking the high road and keeping one's trap shut, even when being fucked, and LC was repeatedly misquoted and villified. It is beyond making me sick. I was sick on Sunday afternoon. After seeing misquotes (half quotes, out of context) by LC, I was in tears. I literally wept. I lept for college football, where cheaters, profit mongerers and whores seem destined to prevail, but more importantly, I wept for LC.

What the fuck did he do? Not campaign? Entrust people? Refuse to get caught up?

Well, once again UM, and LC got punked.

No way around it. The whole country knows it. And to be honest, I am not mad at you who thought UF should be No.2 that piss me off - it's those of you, all hundreds of you who approached me Monday and said we got screwed, that piss me off.

WFT? How did the whole sports world conclude so easily that Florida was No. 2? Where the fuck were all of you? From Saturday evening until Monday morning all I heard were Florida supporters who constantly pointed out the fallicies of the Michigan ranking.

Then suddenly, once the matchup was set, everybody in the world wanted to talk about how Michigan got screwed. Well, thanks, and fuck you. Where were you on Saturday Night when Danielson was making retarded comparisons (that I challenge each of you to .... well, challenge). Where were you when people were admittedly fucking the system to bring about the game they thought they wanted to see?

That's bullshit. So don't tell me how sorry you are for me. Don't pretend that Michigan got screwed and that you care. For the world has spoken. TV has spoken. And it doesn't matter who are the best two teams in the country. It just doesn't matter.


In every measurable comparison, we own you. Simply, fuck you.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Well, the heat is officially on

After rolling up a 7-0 record agaisnt the cupcakes of the schedule, Tommy Amaker's Michigan Wolverine basketball team went out and turned in a sloppy and uninspired loss in their first nationally televised game of the season. Injuries? Nope. In fact, N.C. State was hit by the injury bug when their best ballhander went down in the first half. The Wolfpack was down at that point and rallied from there to win. Undermanned? Nope. N.C. State reportedly was balling with only five scholarship players.

But we've been through all that already. I'm just going to be honest here. Our loss was bad enough but watching Ohio State trot out on the court last night with a bunch of underclassman and seeing that #1 next to their evil name made me want to take off my hat and puke in it. The OSU cheaters did not win, but they battled, battled the whole game in Chapel Hill, and that was revolting enough. As the Dude once said [in the Big Lebowski] "This aggression will not stand! Man!"

Tommy, you are unquestionably a good man, a caring mentor. But if this task is too much for you, we will just need to go in another direction. Things would be a lot easier if you had a brand new practice facility, I know. I also know that there are coaches out there from mid-majors taking teams into the dens of ranked opponents and coming away victorious. You do not have the advantages North Carolina or Kansas have, but these coaches do not have the advantages you have.

I don't want to hear any more excuses. Just get er done. That's it.

So, It Looks Like it Will Be LSU ...

A quick look at the Tigers.

LSU finished the season at 10-2, with losses at Auburn (7-3) and at Florida (23-10). Notable wins include at Tennessee (28-24) (where JaMarcus Russell may have made his signature comeback, leading the team to a TD in the waning moments in front of a sea of screaming rocky toppers) and at Arkansas (31-26) (where a kickoff return TD helped offset the bazillion rushing yards allowed to the SEC's top rushing offense).

Statistically, the Tigers rank out as follows.

Rushing Offense: 37th (159 YPG)
Passing Offense: 23rd (245 YPG)
Total Offense: 18th (404 YPG)
Scoring Offense: 11th (33 PPG)
Passing Efficiency: 6th (163.91)
Sacks Allowed: 30th (1.50 SPG)

Rushing Defense: 15th (93 YPG)
Pass Defense: 4th (145 YPG)
Pass Efficiency Defense: 3rd (92%)
Total Defense: 2nd (238 YPG)
Scoring Defense: 6th (12.5 PPG)
Sacks: 7th (3.25 SPG)
Tackles For Loss: 61st (5.58 TFLPG)

Net Punting: 100th (32.5 YPG)
Punt Returns: 57th (8.8 YPR)
Kickoff Returns: 47th (21 YPR)

Turnover Margin: 61st (0)

I am focusing entirely on LSU in an attempt to trickt the sports black cloud that seems to be following me these days into screwing me over by willing UCLA to victory over USC. I wonder if buying Rose Bowl tickets would do the the trick?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Just When I Was Starting to Recover, ESPN HAD to Televise That Basketball Nonsense

How humiliating was that? A team picked to finish dead last in the ACC, with 5 scholarship athletes, whipped our asses.

Amaker's teams all look the same. Can't shoot. Can't dissect a basic 2-3 or 2-1-2 zone. Can't deal with a double team. And most frustrating, can't hold onto the damn ball.

I don't call this the Apologist's Den for nothing. I have given the guy every opportunity. I defended him for years. It started to unravel for me last year in a game where Courtney Sims kept turning the ball over when the wing defender would drop down to the box for the double team, and Amaker had no answer. Nothing. People said, it's not Tommy's fault Courtney wouldn't kick it out to the open man. I say bullshit. It is Tommy's fault. Because if you're telling him to do it, and he's not doing it, then sit his ass on the bench. Because I can guarantee you that there are a half dozen students up at the IM building right now who could kick that ball out. Unrealistic, blah blah blah, but at least we won't look stupid when we lose, and keep doing the same stupid shit.

I'm through apologizing. I'm done. By all accounts, Amaker is a class guy and a good man, but I can see no possibility that he will ever be consistently successful as a major college basketball coach. It's one thing to be at an athletic disadvantage. It's another thing altogether to be sloppy, disorganized and consistently inconsistent. His days are numbered.

Monday, November 27, 2006

There Is No Justice In the World

None. OSU and slithering coach Jim Tressel win again. Admitted cheater Troy Smith clinches the Heisman. A great man dies and we are unable to honor his passing by pulling off the win in Columbus. And to top it all off, we will be denied a chance at redemption at a neutral site in no small part because the rest of America (particularly the voting coaches) does not want to see a rematch.

USC lost to Oregon State, eeked out a couple of other wins, beat Notre Dame by a lesser margin at home than we did in South Bend, yet VAULTS (not slips, mind you) past us seemingly into the BCS championship game.

Say what you want about USC deserving its shot (and granted, some of it will be true), but it sure seems like a hell of a penalty to impose upon the only 1 loss team whose downfall came by three points in the stadium of the undisputed number one team in the nation. Name any other team whose single loss should be regarded higher. It can't be done.

Yet, here we sit. Apparently, we had our shot, though of course, USC doesn't have to set a single foot into the lion's den they call Columbus to get theirs. Nope - they get to play a 42 minute flight from home at a neutral site, in what is likely to be perfect weather.

If I am wrong, and any justice remains in this world, UCLA will pull off the stunner, Florida will win the SEC championship, and we will move back into the championship game. That's right, Florida will win the SEC championship. Because if there truly is justice, then Urban Meyer's moaning, bitching, and myopic (yet, typical SEC) ass will continue his whine storm for several weeks before having his ass handed to him by USC in the Rose Bowl.

Now that would be justice.

Friday, November 17, 2006




When I Said Monumental Was Not a Big Enough Word ...

I had no idea that The Game could possibly take on any more meaning.

Well, as we know, suddenly it has. The greatest Michigan coach of the modern era, the coach who has defined Michigan football since the late 1960's, is no more. On the eve of the greatest Michigan/OSU game of all time, with the game of the century a mere day away, the great Bo Schembechler passed away.

Bo preceded me in Michigan history by a fair margin. Yet, I tell you without hesitation, his passing has crushed me. My heart aches. Bo Schembechler WAS Michigan football as I know it.

I can only imagine how his protege' Lloyd Carr must feel. Suddenly, an overwhelming challenge has just taken on a whole new level of suffocating pressure. How do you lose a guy who means so much to you, yet find a way to honor him properly in the face of this momentus game without winning?

Quite frankly, you can't. And while it's not fair, I can tell you, the only way that Michigan players and coaches can properly honor Bo is to beat Ohio State tomorrow. It's not fair, but it's what we've been dealt.

Let god be my witness, I believed we could do it before, and I believe we must do it now. I have no doubt we will.

God Bless and keep you Bo. Go Blue. That's all I have to say.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

You Want Hyperbole? You Want Rah Rah? I'll Give You Hyperbole and Rah Rah.

I find I am unable to stretch my mind enough to fully comprehend the enormity of what is about to take place.

A Michigan football team, led by a maligned coach, has furiously surged back from edge of irrelevance. On September 16, 2006, we announced to the rest of the college football world that we would no longer tolerate their disrespect. We went into one of the more storied atmospheres in the game and had our way. We feasted until our bellies were full, and took our sweet time digesting the spoils, all under the watchful eye of Touchdown Jesus. We did it after their self-proclaimed genius coach had spent the off-season telling our recruits that our staff was on its way out and that he had just signed a 10-year contract. We did it after he spent the night before lying about having done so, and telling the world that mighty Notre Dame would do their talking on Saturday. Well Charlie, who's talking now?

On November 18, 2006, this Michigan team will make an even stronger statement. As a touchdown underdog, they will go into the most hostile college football environment on the planet, against the undisputed number one team in the nation, and IMPOSE THEIR WILL. OSU and Tressel will pay. They will pay for running bogus stories about an arrest warrant on Ohio native Prescott Burgess, and embarrassing his family in the name of gamesmanship. They will pay for searching our players and equipment as we entered the stadium last time we were there, and then lying about until Schembechler outed them. They will pay for the words of their former players, who have described a well-respected senior member of our team as "worthless." They will pay for admitting that their QB accepted cash bribes, and then launching his Heisman campaign. And tears will flow like rivers throughout the state of Ohio as the stunned buckeye faithful experience a heartache so deep, their children's children will remember it.

We are hearing from our most trusted sources that this team is ready. Prepared, focused, confident and pissed. I truly believe that we have seen a weakness, and we have been preparing all year to exploit it. We will claw, scratch and fight for every inch, Cindarella Man style (That's for you LC.)./

Get ready for the greatest football Saturday of your lives.

"Wait and see, man. Wait and see."

Not one to make predictions or talk any trash, that's what one of the current wolverines reportedly advised one of the committed recruits regarding Saturday's outcome.

It's not often that you get to be so clearly right about an event in the future....while the vast majority of the country is just so clearly wrong. Enjoy these last few days of smug knowingness. Then enjoy the inevitable AMBUSH that is coming to Ohio Stadium.

Wait and see, man. Wait and see.